Life’s really busy now and although retirement is still quite a way off, you want to know that your financial future is secure. You might be considering starting your own business, looking at buying an investment property and/or shares or you just want to be sure that will have enough to pay for your children’s education. This is a time when we can help you build on your financial foundations.

Getting your super sorted

It is never too late to get your super sorted but the sooner you start to take control of your superannuation the sooner you can take advantage of the tax effective benefits of super. We can:

  • Recommend super funds to suit your situation and goals
  • Consolidate your super funds
  • Help you find your lost superannuation
  • Make recommendations about your super arrangements including personal contributions, salary sacrifice, co-contributions and spouse contributions.
  • Review your insurance opportunities including buying insurance through your superannuation fund.

Building wealth

Once a reasonable amount of your family is paid off you might look at other ways of building wealth like borrowing to invest in property and/or shares. We can:

  • Identify lending options to fund your investments
  • Determine how much you can borrow based on your current financial commitments
  • Set a budget to manage your cashflow
  • Advise on strategies to minimise tax
  • Review and recommend appropriate insurances

Becoming your own boss or running a business

When running your own business there are a lot of things to consider, particularly when it comes to your financial situation. We can:

  • Review and advise you on the specialised insurances you need to protect your income, business and employees.
  • Advise on the superannuation requirements for you and your employees.
  • Recommend superannuation strategies for your goals.
  • Provide investment strategies and investment recommendations for your SMSF.
  • Advise on succession planning for your business.

Educating the kids

A little research and planning could help you provide your children with the best possible start to their life with a good education. We can help you by setting an investment strategy to suit your goals, including the tax implications.

Taking a redundancy

We can help you make the best decisions about lump sum payouts that result from redundancies. We can:

  • Review you payout calculation
  • Identify the Eligible Terminiation Payment components
  • Provide recommendations about how much you can rollover into superannuation to minimise the total tax you pay
  • Review and recommend appropriate insurances
  • Establish a budget to help you live on your payout and any other income

Please contact Choice Financial Advice on 03 9553 0271 to help you build your financial foundations.

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