Whether you are starting your first job, buying your first home, starting a family or saving for something special, we want to help give you the best start to your financial journey

Getting your superannuation sorted

Retirement may seem a long way off but the earlier you start to take control of your superannuation the more you can take advantage of the tax effective benefits of super. Getting your super sorted out as early as possible also means you can benefit from the effects of compounding returns. We can:

  • Recommend super funds to suit your situation and goals
  • Consolidate your super funds
  • Help you find your lost superannuation
  • Make recommendations about your super arrangements including personal contributions, salary sacrifice, co-contributions and spouse contributions.
  • Review your insurance opportunities including buying insurance through your superannuation fund.

Buying your first home

We want to help make your great Aussie dream a reality by helping you buy for your first home. We can:

  • Calculate the deposit you will need
  • Identify ways to save for your deposit
  • Set a budget and cashflow strategy to cover your mortgage commitments once you have purchased your home
  • Review, recommend and organise appropriate insurances
  • Recommend if you need to create or review your Will

Becoming a parent

Becoming a parent is an amazing and life changing experience. It also has a huge financial impact on your household. We can help you put a plan in place to manage your changing financial situation. We can:

  • Help you create a budget to manage your cashflow when your household income changes.
  • Review your insurance arrangements and provide recommendations for your growing family.
  • Recommend superannuation strategies to help you continue to save for your retirement and maximise the tax benefits of superannuation.
  • Identify investment strategies to help you save for long term goals like your childrens’ education.


Please contact Choice Financial Advice on 03 9553 0271 to help you get your financial future underway.

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